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Petro-Line specializes in pipeline integrity and rehabilitation projects, including rehabilitation on pipelines while they remain in service. We complete many projects that enable you to:

  • Confirm pipeline integrity and serviceability
  • Change pipeline service to a different product
  • Increase operating pressure of the pipeline
  • Change pipeline class location
  • Repair defects
  • Manage and warehouse field data

Petro-Line specializes in the following pipeline integrity and rehabilitation services to achieve your objectives successfully:

In-Service Hydrotesting

Pressure testing existing pipelines is a very effective tool to:

  • Confirm pipeline integrity
  • Justify a change of product service
  • Increase a pipeline's operating pressure

Petro-Line performs in-service hydrostatic pipeline pressure tests that allow the operating pipeline to remain in service during the testing program. Our experience, personnel, and equipment allow us to complete complicated testing scenarios, as well as provide options for water supply and disposal problems often encountered with testing programs.

Petro-Line also provides you with experienced on-site test engineering, including:

  • Yield plotting on a lap-top computer
  • Test data recording
  • Rupture evaluation
  • Pressure loss evaluations

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Anomaly Inspection

Anomaly Inspection and Evaluation

Petro-Line has extensive experience in pipeline anomaly analysis and inspection. Our technical and experienced engineering personnel measure and evaluate corrosion, as well as perform the Engineering Critical Assessment. Once the anomaly is analysed, Petro-Line provides recommendations for repair, such as recoating, repair or removal from service.

SCC (Stress Corrosion Cracking) Inspection

Petro-Line excavates, inspects and evaluates of SCC (Stress Corrosion Cracking). We have exposed and inspected a multitude of SCC colonies of varying severity. Petro-Line provides recommendations for repair and performs the selected repair solution.

Petro-Line developed a repair system for the permanent repair of SCC anomalies, called the PETROSLEEVE® Repair System.

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Pipeline Repair

Petro-Line repairs your pipelines efficiently and has experience with many repair methods, such as:

  • Installing a PETROSLEEVE®
  • Performing a cut-out
  • Welding on a steel pressure containment sleeve
  • Installing a fibreglass reinforcement sleeve

Sleeve Repair

The patented PETROSLEEVE® is the only permanent, non-intrusive pipe repair system that can be installed in 1 hour without interrupting operations.

Pipeline Repairs and Cut-Outs

A pipeline repair may require removal from service and Petro-Line has the necessary personnel and equipment to perform the repair safely, efficiently, and with little or no impact on the environment. We completed pipeline cut-outs on pipelines from 2" to 24" in diameter, and as many as 42 cut-outs within a 2 day shutdown period to minimize pipeline downtime.

Pipeline Lowering

Petro-Line lowers sections of operating pipelines with no interruption to the pipeline operation. Through careful planning and coordination, we can obtain additional soil cover over an operating pipeline safely and efficiently.

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Data Management

Petro-Line offers to you our detailed engineering construction report for your project completion needs. The engineering construction report consists of:

  • Description of the project
  • Inspection documentation
  • Quality assurance / quality control information

Use this report for:

  • Management information
  • Future inspection information
  • Regulatory submission support

Petro-Line developed digDATA to support the data management of pipeline integrity information. This computer database program enables you view and analyse field data easily.

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