Corporate Profile

Petro-Line, incorporated in 1977, is involved in the construction, maintenance, and upgrading of Pipelines and Facilities in the Oil and Gas Industry. We have completed a vast number of projects throughout North America including many which required our specialty services and planning. Our goal is to complete projects, in conjunction with our clients, safely, efficiently, cost competitively and with little impact on the environment.

Petro-Line is an Alberta incorporated company with extra provincial incorporations in British Columbia, Saskatchewan and Manitoba.

Project Planning

At Petro-Line, we believe project planning is the key to any successful project. Our planning and execution expertise contributes the success of your projects.

Personnel Info

Petro-Line has trained and highly-skilled personnel necessary to complete your projects. Our personnel have many years of experience to successfully complete all types of projects. In addition to our experienced management and engineering staff, Petro-Line is proud of our highly dedicated and safety conscious field Supervisors, Operators, Surveyors, Welders and Labourers. Due to our capable people, we truly succeed in our plans.

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Equipment Info

Petro-Line owns a wide range of equipment to serve your project needs. Our wheel ditchers, large and small sidebooms, dozers, backhoes, testing instrumentation, quality control units, and array of other equipment are available for your project. Petro-Line, through our strict maintenance program, earned an industry-wide reputation for operating quality and well-maintained equipment.

Petro-Line has a facility in Nisku, located on 4 acres of land and includes our head office, fabrication facility, and equipment maintenance facility.

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Safety & Environmental Info

Petro-Line is committed to:

  • Protecting the safety and health of our employees and the public
  • Avoiding adverse impacts on the environment
  • Mitigating unavoidable impacts on the environment resulting from our operations

Petro-Line has a very useful and effective audited safety program. Our outstanding safety record was achieved through our constant and deliberate focus on safety.

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