digDATA operates on Windows 95, 98, NT or XP. We recommend a Pentium computer, although the program does function on 486 computers.

Interbase is the database platform.

This robust database can handle an unlimited amount of records. Each pipeline is stored in its own database.

You can store inspection and dig site photographs in the digDATA database.

You can store, retrieve and print inspection reports for any dig site.

You can enter all pipeline integrity and inspection information, from measurements to descriptions.

Petro-Line installs digDATA on your system to ensure installation success.

At present, Petro-Line provides digDATA as a pipeline management service, meaning we enter and maintain all your pipeline integrity information at an hourly or lump sum fee. The fee depends on the size and quantity of information to be entered.

Version 3.0 was released 2001. Special upgrade pricing will be available to users of digDATA 2.0.

Version 3.0 is able to connect to any GIS platform.