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We are an Alberta, Canada based general pipeline contractor that specializes in pipeline integrity, maintenance & new construction throughout Canada.

Our Services Include

[porto_info_box icon_type=”custom” icon_img=”167″ img_width=”100″ title=”Pipeline Integrity & Rehabilitation” read_more=”box” link=”|title:Services||” pos=”top” title_font_size=”20″]Petro-Line leads the industry in designing and completing pipeline integrity and rehabilitation projects.[/porto_info_box]
[porto_info_box icon_type=”custom” icon_img=”166″ img_width=”100″ title=”Pipeline Construction & Maintenance” read_more=”box” link=”|title:Services||” pos=”top” title_font_size=”20″]Petro-Line constructs and maintains pipelines operated by the Oil and Gas Industry, including production, crude, natural gas, and HVP pipelines.[/porto_info_box]
[porto_info_box icon_type=”custom” icon_img=”168″ img_width=”100″ title=”Facility Construction & Maintenance” read_more=”box” link=”|title:Services||” pos=”top” title_font_size=”20″]Manufacturing of above ground pipeline facilities can be completed in-situ or at Petro-Line’s fabrication facility[/porto_info_box]
[porto_info_box icon_type=”custom” icon_img=”165″ img_width=”100″ title=”Engineering & Project Management” read_more=”box” link=”|title:Services||” pos=”top” title_font_size=”20″]Petro-Line is a registered engineering company that provides engineering and project management services to the Oil and Gas Industry.[/porto_info_box]

Reinforcement Repair Sleeves

Our goal is to complete projects, in conjunction with our clients, safely, efficiently, cost competitively and with little impact on the environment.

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Health, Safety & the Environment

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With our industry experience, Petro-Line developed unique and technologically advanced products to manage pipeline integrity.

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