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    Petro-Line Construction Group


    510 – 24 Avenue
    Nisku, Alberta, Canada
    T9E 8G3

    Phone: (780) 955-2401

    Fax: (780) 955-3466


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    General questions:

    President: Mr. A.F. (Al) Miller

    Vice President: Mr. D.E. (Darcy) Miller

    Vice-President Engineering: Mr. R.J. (Bob) Smyth, P.Eng.

    Director of Operations: Mr. M.A. (Michael) Miller, C.E.T.

    General Manager: Mr. W.J. (Wes) Proft, C.E.T.

    Manager – Integrity Service: Mr. H.Y. (Harold) Lee, C.E.T.

    Project Engineering: Mr. Parker Thomas, T.I.T.

    Safety Manager: Ms. Cindy Beck

    Project Quality Control: Mr. Connor Stinson

    Office Manager: Ms. Deb Lelonde

    Accounts Payable: Ms. Brenda Genereux

    Office Assistant: Mr. Trevor Stinson

    Shop Manager: Mr. Jason Gillam